My Self Tanning Routine + Skinny Tan Review

I’m not the most blessed when it comes to naturally sun kissed skin, so I love to give it a bit of a helping hand some days with a self tan! Here’s how I apply my tan along with some thoughts on the latest product I’ve been using for it!

Hey everyone! How are you? I’ve decided to share my tanning routine with you today, as well as reviewing the Skinny Tan Mousse that I have been using the past few months.

I’m not actually the palest person in the world, and when it’s sunny outside then I will tan. However, the british weather does not accommodate for my tanning needs most of the time and sometimes you just have to make do.

Skinny Tan Mousse Review
Skinny Tan Mousse is available from their website!

Enter Skinny Tan

When I read about this I was super excited to try it because it really seemed like everyone was using it. They had an offer of buy one get one free and I snapped it up! It is a mousse texture in a pump bottle and reminds me a lot of those foamy face washes that you can get and this excited me because creams and lotions have not been my friend over the years. I got two bottles plus the mitt and the roller for application. Two months later I am excited to share with you how I like to use it and how I feel about it in general.

How To Prep Your Skin For Skinny Tan

Skinny tan claims to last two weeks and is buildable over time. I find that I have to touch it up over the two weeks but only need to do the whole process at the beginning. The bottle suggests that you shave and exfoliate before applying and I like to do this the night before. I shave myself all over and then use a scrub to smooth over all of the rough patches (of which there are many! Where are my eczema friends out there?). After that I like to moisturise because you do not want to do this before you apply it in the morning. Your skin needs to be bone dry or it will get streaky and patchy. This is pretty much all that I need to do before I begin.

Skinny Tan Tanning Mitt
I like to use the tanning mitt to evenly distribute the product

How To Apply Skinny Tan

Firstly make sure your skin is clean and dry so that it doesn’t get patchy and strip down to your ugliest undies (or completely, if you prefer). Then grab your mitt! I use a couple of pumps for each area of the body I apply it to and then build from there. However, you may need to play around a bit to decide how dark you want it and how much you need to apply. When it first goes on it looks really greyish but that blends out as you smooth it in. I apply it in circular motions using the mitt before using the roller to smooth it out over my skin. I repeat the process all over my body and wait for it to dry before getting dressed and getting on with my day!

Can I Put Skinny Tan On My Hands, Feet And Face?

I do! I use a lot less than I do on the rest of my body though, about half a pump does me perfectly well and I tend to wash my face after only a couple of hours rather than the six to eight recommended for your body.

How Do I Wash Skinny Tan Off?

You just need to leave it for six to eight hours, so I apply it at the beginning of my day and wash it off at the end. Just have your regular shower and it will leave a nice natural glow. Although I have never risked it, some people have said to me that forgetting to wash it off made no difference at all and so don’t worry about being particularly thorough with your clean!

What I Don’t Love About Skinny Tan

  • It doesn’t last as long as it claims to, and you will need to touch it up fairly regularly.
  • If comes off if you scratch your skin too hard and goes dark and patchy around my eczema but I am yet to find a tan that doesn’t.
  • If you cry easily, like me, avoid sad films within the first few hours of tanning your face. I learned that the hard way!

What I Love About Skinny Tan

  • It takes literally ten minutes to do your whole body and is so easy to do.
  • A little bit goes a long way. I’m still on my first bottle a few months in, so it is worth paying a little bit extra.
  • It has a really natural gooey finish that suits whatever your skin tone is and it doesn’t get streaky or clumpy on your skin.
  • Dries in about two minutes so you can easily get on with your day.
  • It is yet to stain my clothes but I wouldn’t trust me completely on that.

Would I Use It Again?

I absolutely will be using this again and forever until a better one comes along. It is definitely my new favourite self tanner and I can’t wait to keep using it throughout the summer!

I’d Love To Hear From You!

Have you used skinny tan before? Do you have a product you think I should try? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for stopping by my blog, hope you enjoyed your stay.

Amber x

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